Penguin Adventure

If you are looking for an adorable and fun, yet thrilling adventure, Penguin Adventure will be a great option for you. Not only is this a puzzle game from ABCya 4 kids but it also has the platform of an adventure game, which makes the graphics and the gameplay of this game much more addictive. The girlfriend of our little penguin has been freeze and locked far away from their home. Can you help the penguin to locate the destination where he has to head to save his girlfriend and then assist him to overcome the deadly obstacles?

There will be spikes, blocks, stones, rocks, and even monsters as well as icebergs that will prevent you from reaching the final destination. Be calm and learn step-by-step on how to overcome those scary traps. Another task that you should focus on is the work of collecting the diamonds. They are the precious diamonds that can boost your lives, help your gain more scores, and determine whose names get to be listed on the Leaderboard. Will you be brave enough and have enough consistency to overcome a total of nine levels in this game in one go? As you progress from level 1 to level 9, the difficulty level will increase significantly, therefore, keep updating yourself and improve your skills to get out there alive.

The fireballs and the spikes are the things that can do the most damage to the penguin, so keep an eye out for them. Avoid them if you can, or jump and move flexibly to avoid being shot at. Such a great game for kids of all ages at can't be kept hidden! Don't hesitate to spread the word and invite more friends to play more free games such as Fashion Monsters Match 3 and BTS Nerf Coloring Book

Controlling keys: Click and drag to use the power for the penguin.