Block Craft Zombie Attack

Dodge the various attack lines of zombies here at Block Craft Zombie Attack with your limited resources and weapons! Try to gain more ammo and new weapons unlocked to survive the most waves of attacks. These zombies are attacking your base in the most intense zombie hunt ever at ABCya minecraft land, which requires you to use your fighting skills to survive. There are multiple levels, but the real challenge starts when you reach the 25th stage. Moving towards an entirely different map will be more challenging. Utilize your specific tactics and strategy for each map so that you can survive the difference in terms of obstacles and zombie-filled land.

Once you join a map, look for the location of zombies and choose to either run away to gather resources or march toward them to fight. Defeat as many zombies as possible to clear them off the map and gain coins. Do not be afraid as you will be able to upgrade your weapon sets as well as improve your damage range. Just focus on eliminating them with your current ammo and guns before purchasing new items! Keep an eye on random rewards appearing throughout your battle journey so that you can gather them on time.

In the first play, it might be difficult to maneuver and navigate due to the elaborate map and diverse fields, but don't give up! Obtain new skills to successfully wipe out zombies and survive the war. Make sure that there's no task left on the panel board and you will soon be at the top of the scoreboard here at! Showcase your unique strategy and gaming skills with more versions of zombie games such as Hero Can't Fly or My Craft: Craft Adventure for a fun gaming experience now!

How to play:

Move with WASD or arrows.

Shoot with the left button or pointer tap.