My Craft: Craft Adventure

If you are confident about what you love here in a crafting game, join this new challenge at My Craft: Craft Adventure to expose you to a brand new adventure gaming option. The key point of this ABCya interactive game will follow the story of the craft boy who is trapped in a forest maze. Get your gears prepared, boost up your skills, and try to overcome all the obstacles on your way out! This challenging journey will be excellent arcade gaming with side-scrolling and pixelated themes for kids to explore.

The overall objective is to get the craft boy out of the maze. There will be tons of monsters, blockages, infrastructure, holes, and locked doors on his path. Assist the craftsman to locate the way out as soon as possible! If you are a hardcore fan of crafted games with cool graphics, this amazing pixelated world design will easily capture your attention. We have it all, ranging from sandbox games to crafting games and assembling games.

Learn the necessary tasks of craft build, material collection, run, and craft exploration to keep enriching your experience in the in-game challenge. No worry about the end of fun because we have daily replenished tasks and a mission to keep you entertained with more than 100 levels up to date. When it comes to the boss fight, there will be various types available, which require the players to be flexible in terms of changing their tactics and skill sets.

Some prominent actions that you can do are jumping, running, attacking the enemies, and collecting materials. From wood to stones, they are useful for building your craft boat or housing. Don't fall into the river while searching for items! Here at, there's no limitation on how you can command your team and ace the game, so stay creative and bring new solutions to other games like Noob Miner: Escape From Prison and Hero Can't Fly!

Instructions: Move and jump using the arrow keys.