Super Metal Wars

Super Metal Wars welcomes the best fighters when it comes to the most intense battle between the tough robots in our metallic world of ABCya land! It's your chance to shine as one of the best controllers of the robots who can defeat the most opponents, regardless of their ranks. In these action-packed battles filled with a large number of crazy warrior robots, the key point to win is to gear up and utilize suitable skills and techniques.

As your fight will take place on dangerous platforms with a wide range of features, learn how to utilize the given weapons on the screen and hit the enemy. Each robot comes with a specialized skill and strength, so it's crucial to learn to adapt. Each pair gets to face each other 5 times in total with a change in each turn. Are you ready to pick your robot model, set your gun, and embrace the challenges here at

Moving by jumping from one tile to another is also an important task as it keeps your character moving instead of staying in one place. Avoid traps, spiky wheels, shooting arrows, or holes between the platform to stay alive. The more opponents you defeat, the higher your score range will be. Learn the best timing to release the shot from your gun and aim wisely to avoid wasting the shots. Bullets are limited, so utilize them well and wisely! The game has two modes for kids to freely make their picks, ranging from the 1-on-CPU mode to the 2-player gaming. Invite another friend and utilize your own server in this game for free! If you like this fighting genre, don't forget about some popular games like Ice Breaker and Bubble Hit!


Player 1 uses arrow keys to move, L key to fire.

Player 2 uses WASD to move, F key to fire.