Grand Zombie Swarm

Grand Zombie Swarm - Grand Zombie Swarm is a zombie shooting game in an open world that is a huge city map. You play as a special forces soldier and your mission is to use different types of weapons to kill whole heaps of zombies that are advancing on you from all sides. You appear in one of the places in the city and start fighting for your life.

In each level, you need to hold out for a certain time in order to survive and move on to the next wave. In stock you have many weapons that you can use to destroy zombies. The stock of bullets is maximum, so choose your favorite gun and start shooting. Try to aim straight for the head to kill every zombie faster. You can also run away from them, but then there will be a whole bunch of them and you will have no choice but to fight! We believe you can do this, so have fun!

Fabulous Zombie Swarm highlights open world zombie shooting, you are uncommon powers officer and your main goal is to utilize various kinds of weapons to shoot crowds of zombies and attempt to endure each level. 

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Utilize the WASD to move. 

LMB to shoot. 

RMB to point. 

Mouse wheel to change weapon. 

R to reload. 

The Space to bounce. 

P to stop.