Street Basketball

Among the players in Street Basketball, which street player will be the best at completing all these shots and throws? You will get to train and practice similar tasks as the professional basketball players here in this ABCya4 sports game! First, choose your favorite from the three available players so that you can hit the game. Once the game starts, the clock will start counting down.

You need to show your free throws skills by getting as many balls into the basket as possible within the limited time of 1 minute. Bear in mind that there are 25 shots available for you to perform, so don't waste any. Keep an eye on the next ball to know their score worth. For example, striped balls are worth 2 points but ordinary balls are only worth 1 point. This means that you need to adjust your strategy and spend more time on the higher score balls to gain more.

Once you have concentrated on the running parameter, stop the indicator as it's as close to the center as possible so that you can earn the best force for throwing. Stopping the indicators on the bar at the right timing will not be simple due to the high speed, however, try your best to stay near the bullseye. The closer you can get, the higher the possibility that it will hit the basket. Let's learn how to play other sports with more sports games such as Rowing 2 Sculls and Impostor Sky Ski from our gaming list at! Where will you be on this sports ranking board?

How to play: For mobile, touch or tap on the screen to stop the indicator. For PC, click the left mouse button or press the spacebar to stop the indicator and throw the ball.