Cats Rotate

For the fans of puzzle games, this new one from abcya 4 kids: Cats Rotate will be one of the best casual puzzle games that you can pick and put into your favorite list today! Prepare to rock the game with your intelligence and the ability to rearrange the pieces within the shortest time frame. Your main mission in this free game shall be to make sure that all the pieces on the frames are flipped and rotated to their correct positions.

In order to pass a level, you will need to make sure that the frame is in the correct order. On each frame, you can easily rotate the direction of the pieces by clicking on them. Can you build all the correct cat images and fill your scores with rewards and combos right now? There is a limitation on time as you can see a countdown clock on the right panel of the game

You can build the stack of completed images higher and higher to finish all the available challenges in the game so that you can demonstrate your best performance. It's a new game for exploring and conquering the latest puzzles and quizzes as your preference. The colorful graphics and fun design of cat images will easily draw kids of all ages to the game.

Along with the cute gameplay, kids can freely learn how to improve their imagination, problem-solving techniques, and critical thinking using given clues. More games like Build Dance Bot and Match To Paint will easily help to boost your spirit and give you a fun time with our free game category at! Don't move too slow or choose too carefully or else the time will run out!

Controlling keys:

Click on the pieces to rotate them and use the mouse to interact.