Build Dance Bot

Feel free to join this new gaming session filled with tons of dancing robots waiting to create a happy dance together here at Build Dance Bot! This ABCya 2023 game is one of the best latest games with the assembling idea as the main objective. Each player comes in and becomes in charge of his or her robot. The key point of the game is to try and make them dance happily according to the music. In order to achieve that goal, the first important task is to assemble the pieces and make a full design of the robots.

Once all the scattered pieces have been added to the same model, they will match together and you will be able to move! Make sure to fix the pieces' positions one by one, starting from the bigger legs, hands, and head, to the body and other necessary accessories. If they are inserted into the right place, you will be able to increase the rate of finishing the tasks significantly. The players can utilize the frame or blurred lines of the required robot shapes to figure out which piece suits which position. Starting from the larger pieces before moving on to the smaller ones will be a great idea as you will be able to cover the larger areas first.

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How to play: Use the mouse cursor or touchpad to move the pieces to the right places.