Clara Wedding Planner

Like other fabulous weddings for princesses in ABCya land, this time, we also need your help to transform the wedding venue, the preparation for the big day of Melissa! Melissa and Rob are getting married soon. For their wedding, they only trust one wedding planner in the city, who happens to be you! It's time you roll up the sleeves and help prepare the best wedding for the two love birds.

The chosen location for this wedding shall be “Clara”. It's the name of your wedding planning service and you shall also help the staff in Clara to manage the work that is required for a wedding. The first thing to do is to pick out the decoration and the setting for the venue. From the table, the chair, utensils for the dining room to the chandelier, all options will be determined by you. Pick out the theme that you want to achieve and follow up by picking the color set and the tone of the items accordingly. At a wedding, the bride should be the most flattering and the most fabulous girl in the room, therefore, your next target is to transform Melissa and get her the best wedding dress. It can be shiny, glittering in the style of a princess, or classic, sleek, and chic if you go for that look.

Make sure a good pair of high heels will accomplish and finish the total outfit for the lady. Next up, prepare a flower that will enhance the beauty of the dress and finish up the work that you need to do here. This game has a pretty main character, beautiful graphics, and amazing options to make the wedding look realistic. Come to to show your planning skills right now with other girl games like Pancake Master and My Dolphin Show 8

Instructions: Click and drag the mouse to arrange the wedding.