Pancake Master

Prepare to have a blast with this agile game from ABCya land where the best of your culinary talent will be shown! In Pancake Master, the kids will get to learn how to cook pancakes, one of the most versatile and famous dishes for brunch. You will create delicious pancakes from scratch, which means that there are lots of steps to learn. Let's get going and enjoy the cooking game with your friends now! The tasks include tapping and holding the pan, pouring the flour, and mix with water with a perfect ratio for a pancake mix.

Once the mix is ready, move it from one pot to the next, it's crucial that the kids control their strength in order to not miss the frying pan and to pour the mix perfectly. Whether your pancake can smoothly enter the hot pan or not depends on your cooking techniques. Keep looking out for the pancake and remember to flip when the first side is completed. Keep in mind that your hungry customers are waiting for you, so be quick and deliver the cooked pancakes outside the food stall. Or you can swiftly throw it to the mouth of the customers to score. There will be three customers await, so stay focus and throw precisely.

This game from will keep progress with an improvement in your skills. As you learn to control your strength, the whole process of moving and cooking will become much easier. Unlock new recipes by using the coins to purchase them at the store! Let's treat your customers with the most delicious dishes possible! Learn the step-by-step guide to cooking, baking, and cleaning with tons of new cooking games like My Dolphin Show 8 and Wedding Planner 2

How to play: Cook, throw the pancake, and move it from one pan to another using the mouse cursor.