Free Gear

In this world's largest tournament for racers, you will participate as a rookie with zero experience or knowledge of how the racing experiments work. Enter with the cheapest car and gather the ambition to win this abcya 4 online! The goal of this game is to purely place the top positions of the race without getting left behind. Get the top 3 positions and place at least third in the five tournaments presented so that you can be the top players.

Only by completing the previous ones can you be qualified for the next rounds in the tournament. This means that you can't skip the levels and have to go through the same sequence as the other opponents. The rewards or the money gained by winning the races will be helpful in spending on purchases and updates for your car. The control keys are a little harder to memorize in comparison to other car games, but learn the basics and don't use the key if the transmission is set to Automatic.

There will be three nitro chances that you can utilize per race so use them wisely to slowly increase the speed and acceleration for the fastest movement possible. The game interface is easy for both boys and girls to grab and interact during their playtime. Do not miss other related games such as Freestyle Racing and Lane Rush Pro.

Find the position and laps info, as well as the race map - showing your position and that of the first ranked car. RPM meter, nitrous, current gear, speed, and the timer will be the core statistics that you handle on the race. Are you ready to compete in five tournaments for the title of the championship? Enjoy the thrill of getting the hang of 20 unique races here at Free Gear online game from for the challenging weather conditions and platforms!

Instruction: Drive with arrows, X to gear up, and C to use the nitro.