Lane Rush Pro

This new game of Lane Rush Pro from our new car game collection here at will be quite a surprising new theme for you to explore. Accommodated by a high-quality setting and amazing graphics, you will enjoy this top-down game with these fast cars. The players will compete to see who can manage to gain the highest scores while staying on the fast track. Move from one lane to another and learn how to dodge the other cars for your safety.

Keep an eye out for the floating stars and coins as these will give you accumulated scores for the final result. As the driver drives along the chaotic highway, you will see that three lanes are available for movement. Dodge the ones with existing or newly popped-up cars, as well as avoid obstacles at all costs. Do anything it takes to keep your car from any collision or accident and keep moving forward!

When it comes to rush hours, there will be more kinds of vehicles on the platform, which makes the task much harder. The key elements to winning this game will be stable control of the car and good estimation for pacing and speed. Channel your inner courageous racer to dive into harder stages during the game and challenge yourself with the mission of gathering coins from tough positions.

Overall, this new game promises a good online gaming time with a top-down point of view and more chances to improve and sharpen your driving techniques for sure! How about more exploration with plenty of car games such as Trial 2 Player Moto Racing from our daily replenished game section? Crack all the hard games here at ABCya land quickly!

How to play:

Use the left and right arrow keys to move the car, and interact with the mouse.