Trial 2 Player Moto Racing

Get your bike to the top of the racing lanes here at Trial 2 Player Moto Racing - the latest gaming option for our race fans here at! It's a full circle filled with talented riders on bikes and they are competing for the top of the race. In order to remain in front of the race, you need your top bike riding abilities as it's not only crucial for surviving the race but also to avoid being pushed out.

Learn how to stay balanced on a tippy bike while bouncing from one ramp to another. Hit the boxes to see if there are any hidden bonus or booster items that might be useful for you. Pay attention to the huge substantial cylinders where your bike can perform some stunts for extra scores. Points are calculated based on the performance of your entire route as well as the position in which you finish your race. For the racers who complete first, second, and third, be sure to claim your extra rewards. As this game focuses on the two-player theme, you can always pick to enjoy the two-players mode or the single mode, depending on your friend's availability.

More multiplayer games like this are being added to the new collection at ABCya land so that our beloved players can emerge in the 3D realistic ride, elaborated racing tournament, and the best racing environment and terrains that have been updated. Demonstrate a smart strategy and great timing for accelerating so that you can win easily! Conquer other equally fun racing tracks with a huge participant number such as Hurakan City Driver HD when you have broken all records on this game!

How to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to drive the chosen vehicles.

Use the nitrogen with the left shift key and R key to reset vehicles.