Real Drift Multiplayer

Not only is Real Drift Multiplayer one of the funniest games of racing theme from the collection at but it's also available in two possible game modes of single and online multiple. Feel free to pick your suitable mode between the race against the top AI players, or go into a diverse race with plenty of online players coming in at the same time. At the beginning of the game, all players will participate in the game with one of three available vehicles. Once you have won more games, your coins will stack up, which gives you more currencies to purchase new models of cars and upgrade with new equipment.

First, learn how the map pans out and the basics of controlling the game movement before starting to drift right away. The most highlighted feature of the game will be the surprise-filled road. You can start slowly with a sceneries-filled road, before tackling more challenging races. As you race to aim to become the first player to crash the finish line in all tracks, don't forget to experience the lively and realistic background as well as road designs. With 3D graphics design, the motion of the cars easily comes to life and makes the player feel as if they are actually sitting in the driver's seat of a live race.

This will focus more on your off-road experience and talent of yours on the harder cases of terrain. Keep going and unlock the most modern model of race cars and luxury cars for top-notch performance! Utilize your skills in maneuvering wisely, especially for the more crowded and corner parts. Similar games such as Monster Truck Sky Racing and Extreme Toy Race will also be suitable options for you thanks to the equally interesting game themes and lots of interesting items to overcome.

Controlling keys: Drive the car with arrow keys and interact with the mouse cursor.