Freestyle Racing

A simple yet thrilling arcade game for players with a taste for racing has been added to our ABCya new game 4 kids collection. Control the car while dodging others and steering away from the obstacles in this new game of Freestyle Racing! There could only be one winner per race, which means that whoever crosses the finish line first shall be the one. Do your best to control the direction and movement of the car, as well as the speed and momentum.

Thanks to the freestyle theme, there is no limitation on how you can rock this car through the race tracks. All you need to remember is that you can only win if you can finish the required number of tracks within the shortest time. Cross your line as the first player and the championship will be yours to keep! Arcade racing game like this is all about understanding the mechanism and the functioning of your car inside the game.

Start with the simple race and learn the steps to control or hold and move the car. There will be a total of 30 levels, each with a signature challenging track for the racers to embrace. Some other opponents will be racing on the same tracks as you do. Keep speeding and try to find the chance to bypass them at all costs! For each top-spot game, you get rewarded with coins that can be useful for upgrading.

From the rear, and brake, to the tire and wheel, pick which parts to upgrade and utilize your power as well as new-found capability to gain speed and control! Let's see if you can conquer the race on the first try! Plenty of other car games might suit your taste as they also bring the most fascinating and thrilling gameplay to the kids, such as Trial 2 Player Moto Racing or Lane Rush Pro, all available without cost here at!

Controls: Click and drag the mouse to drive the car.