Shootout Bender

Are you confident in your shooting range, especially when the targets are in a small and narrow room with many corners? Opt for the creative mechanism in Shootout Bender, the new shooting game with interesting and unique movements from the list of ABCya game 4 kids that will spice up your free time. The enemy will stay still and not see you coming to them thanks to the limitation of insight. However, will you be able to make sure that your straight line of bullets can reach the enemy's position in the corners?

Use the obstacles, the available items, and the platform to bend the direction of the bullet and overcome challenges. Countless ways of making the path will be available for you, but you need to come up with the best and shortest way in the short time frame. The faster you come up with a solution, the higher your rewards will be. An accurate shot with the supporting obstacles in the right position will determine whether you hit the targets or not. As the level increases the difficulty range, you will have to adjust your techniques accordingly to make sure that your goal is achieved.

Perfect your aiming skills using the mirrors, the tables, the doors, and other furniture to create a zig-zag-like bullet direction. It's a puzzle game that requires more brainstorming and lots of gentle movements to hit the perfect bull eye. There are tons of hard-to-miss shooting games that vary in themes such as Drunken Duel and Ranger Action from our collection in Sharpen your eyesight and prove to the world how good of a sniper you are!

How to play: Click and drag the left mouse to adjust the direction of the bullets as well as to interact with the objects.