Ranger Action

Rangers who are participating in this ABCya shooting game with the name of Ranger Action need to conquer a lot of skills to win. You, as a brave ranger in the team, will assist in killing the dangerous zombies. The difference in this battle is that there will be zombies both in the air and on land that you need to defeat quickly before the disease spread out to the whole village.

As the main character, you will be equipped with a shotgun, bombs, explosives, and a wide range of special skills that allow you to complete this crucial mission. Your character can control the magical power of firestorms, lightning, snow, and ice. Before defeating the zombies, make sure that you collect enough energy balls, weapons, and other necessary items to power up. One of the most important goals is to collect all the items to guarantee improvements and use the coins for more purchases.

Updates shall play important roles in maintaining your posture and position on the Leaderboard of this shooting and fighting game, so keep an eye out for it. A great ranger will be able to control a total of 3 magic buttons and use them at the perfect timing to pose the most damages to 10 fly enemies and 6 types of zombies. Don't worry as the game allows the players to move slowly and learn the basics of the game in the first few minutes. Once you are ready, it's time to head to the real battle. If there is still time, feel free to grab some of your friends and go to our collection at https://abcya4.net/ to explore more gaming selections like Drunken Duel and Janissary Battles!

How to play: Jump with the up key, shoot using the spacebar or by tapping on the game screen.