Drunken Duel

Drunken Duel will be another perfect addition game that is perfect for your collection, especially for sharing with your friend as this is a two-player game. Not only will you be able to get comfortable with a physics-based game that requires one button for control but it's also an entertaining selection. The rule is quite easy to understand, however, it's the control that makes this game more challenging. You will go up in the game with the goal of defeating the rival. Your rival in this ABCya free game shall be another drunk doll in an intense duel.

Beware of the unexpected movements and choose the best timing to make a punch, hook, drag, push and hit it using your doll's strength. Don't forget that there is a serial target that you can hit by firing randomly, however, it's a waste of bullets and energy. Aim correctly and dodge the attack before making a counter-attack. There will be more chances for you to take more professional shots if you can grasp the rules of movement and the basic physics of this game. It's quite a pleasure to enjoy the thrilling sounds and 3D graphics from the creators of the game make the game more fun.

The challenges lie in controlling the drunk and sloppy movements of the dolls in a way that can help you navigate the fighting actions. Keep your playtime experience thrilling and spice it up once in a while with tons of cool games from https://abcya4.net/ like Battalion Commander and Janissary Battles. How many will you be able to score and make a new record?

How to play: Control the orange ragdoll using the Up Arrow or touch bar, control the blue one using the W key or by touching on the screen.