Battalion Commander

Battalion Commander brings the shooter to a brand new version of land used for shooting purposes only. Here from the collection of ABCya shooting game, the players get to incarnate into the new version of solder and start the battle of the century! It's one of the famous fighting game in which the players enjoy the chance to transform themselves and their army into one of the most powerful armies on the battlefield.

The army that manages to stay alive with the most soldiers shall be the ultimate winner. You get to decide any fighting techniques, strategies and approaching plans that your team will apply in this game. Think carefully and take all elements into consideration before making any hasty decision of choosing the strategies. Not only will you collect the necessary soldiers who can build up a powerful army of yours but you will also play an important role in the army yourself. In case the enemies are too crowded or overpower your team, make sure that you help and free the trapped soldiers before moving forward, or else your team number will decrease significantly. Dodge the opponents' bullets and ammo to clear the ground.

There will be phases when they drop tons of bombs on you, so prepare for that period. Enjoy the agile motion that the game allows the players to experience along with the best of graphic designs for a fighting game. Steer clear of the pitfalls of the game and you will be fine. Keep an eye out for your teammates and rescue them when they are in desperate need because that's crucial to keep your team together. How many of your soldiers can make it out of this land while staying intact? Let's dive into more worlds of games like Champion Archer and Sniper Clash 3D at!

Instructions: Control and move the soldiers using the mouse cursor.