Dr. Panda Airport

Would you like to serve customers from all around the world in this huge airport? There are a lot of steps for one customer before boarding the plane in this game of Dr. Panda Airport. As it's time for the little animal friends to travel to another place, help them move from one section of the airport to another. Your job is to make sure that the operation of this airport runs smoothly, which can be achieved by guiding the customers.

They need to move from the check-in desk to the section where their passports will be checked. It's your job to stamp on each passport with the correct stamp as each stamp has its different shape and location. In order to move to the next step, the customers need to have their luggage check in the security check department. Make sure that no bags are left behind! The first two important tasks are stamping passports for customs, transport luggage to the right lanes. Now, it's time to help to land the plane for the customers to get on board! There is a total of 10 mini-games in this ABCya 4 free game for kids and it will be very enjoyable to play this lovely game with adorable animal characters, beautifully-designed graphics, and no interruption.

Are you ready to get some friends and enjoy this amazingly-crafted animation? It's pretty easy to learn each task thanks to the simple and bright setting of the game. We have some other great options like Pirate Adventure and Maze Control if you are looking for this type of easy-to-play games from the website of https://abcya4.net/. Will you be able to keep everything under control in the airport area and make sure the plane take off properly?

How to play: Click and drag the mouse to move the objects and interact with the characters.