Hugie Wugie Runner

Hugie Wugie Runner will be the perfect combination of a sports game and a running game that kids of all ages can enjoy here at ABCya grade 2022! Tap on this fun game and help the main character of the game run away from people as fast as possible! First, hit the bike and start driving down the track. He will need to collect the battery to charge his power by dropping down the hills, performing flips while staying balanced on the bike.

The most difficult part is the hills of the mountains, where there are lots of chances that your bike might get flipped over. This means that the faster you complete the quest the better. Use the forward and backward functions to balance the bike in the best way possible. You will feel it in your finger when you maneuver the bike, so get used to the basics and mechanics of the game slowly.

There is a battery bar at the top of the screen that will show how much you manage to charge and how much is left for your activities. Keep an eye on this bar to make sure that you don't flip at the moment that it runs out. Also, try to maximize the battery that you can charge using the slope of the hills and any terrain that might come in handy.

We love to introduce more and more games with various genres to the players here, so let's take the time to dive through the list of free games such as Hero Masters or Squid Hook Game for your blasting time! Remember that the key to winning this game is to make sure that you balance the bike well despite the obstacles.

Controlling keys:

Click the forward/ backward buttons on the screen or use the arrow keys to move the bike.