Pirate Adventure

There is a trunk filled with the most valuable treasure on this island amidst the sea of ABCya land, but not everyone has the bravery and the intelligence to locate it. Will you tackle this challenge and showcase your wits with math problems? Pirate Adventure is a combination of adventure games, 3D simulation games, and educational games, all in one option! You will explore the map of the island with a first-person point of view that can create a realistic feeling right from the start.

Help Christopher to search for the people, whether they are pirates or civilians, to help give you tips and pieces to solve the final problem. There are pieces of the famous map hidden across the island. Go around and interact with all the pirates, help them with the missions, or solve their riddles to get the necessary pieces. Without those, you will never be able to finish the final problem. Most of the math problems in this game will be fun to solve, and they all have visual aid - the pretty images to make equations more interesting. Only by gathering enough gaming experience in this game at https://abcya4.net/ will you be able to grasp the way of thinking for pirates and spot the treasure in its right place.

Interactions will be very important in this game as you need more and more pieces to point you toward the next ones. The more pirates you succeed in helping, the more helpful tips and knowledge they will give you. Just follow the glowing green arrow to know who to talk to next and keep exploring the huge island! Other simulation games with 3D graphics and elaborated storyline such as Maze Control and Amazing Dominoes should be suitable for you as well!

Instructions: Move using arrow keys, interact using E key.