Amazing Dominoes

The highlight of Amazing Dominoes must be the customization of gaming features so that the players can choose to play the game that is created just for them. First, choose the desired mode among the 5 classic game modes, ranging from Muggins, Draw, Block to both Sewastpol and Bergen. Each of them has a special rule and different game layout accordingly, so different tactics and strategies are needed to conquer them all. Despite the differences, all of them will include beautiful graphics and high-quality themes and stones.

Choose among 6 different themes and backgrounds that make up the visualization of this ABCya free game. You can play a one-on-one game against other players on the internet or CPU, or choose a group mode of 3, 4, or 5 players. This game will allow a group of 5 to enjoy a single game server together without a dime! There will be an online ranking system to keep the record of the best players from all over the countries and the statics of each match. Let us guide you through the basics of this Dominoes game. The player with the highest number of pips of each match will start it by drawing the first domino piece. After the first move is made, the other players start brainstorming and pick the pieces from the deck to keep the game going.

In case that there are two players in the game, each of them will be given seven stones to start. Each player can only get five stones if there are more players in one match. Depending on which final checkpoint you chose at the beginning of the game, your goal will be to reach 100, 200, or 400 scores. Fill your favorite game baskets with more game options like Holiday Mahjong Dimensions and Release The Gift Boxes from!

How to play Amazing Dominoes: Use the mouse to customize gameplay and choose Domino pieces.