Janissary Battles

If you are familiar with the Janissary series from ABCya kid games, this updated version will be a new choice for your free time. Many mini-games are now combined in one game with just one click only! It has the gameplay designed for 2 players with an old-school unique retro theme. The 8-bit graphics will be the highlight of this gaming selection, especially if you are a fan of such genre. The cool part is that you will not get to choose which game to play.

The moment you hit the Play button, the mechanism of this game will automatically pick out one from a total of 8 games for you. The goal is to gain a top score of 5 in whichever mini-world that you get suck into in the list of Arrow, Sword, Arena, Axe, Mace, Spear, Catapult, and even Gun theme! Each world requires you to fulfill different missions to gain scores. Such a variety of games will bring out the best of your gaming skills, reflexes as well as controlling techniques when it comes to two different characters. To know how many scores you have gained and keep track of the progress, check out the win count at the corner.

Not only will they display your scores for you and your opponent but it's also shown on the Leaderboard section if you manage to gain the top scores among these players. The world of pixelated games is available with tons of new games and cooler features like Battalion Commander and Roller Splat!. There is no need to worry about advertisement or interruption because here at https://abcya4.net/, we guarantee a playful and enjoyable time for the players.

How to play:

Player 1: Control with "Touch" or "Up Arrow".

Player 2: Play with "Touch" or "W" key. Let's conquer the intense matches of Janissary Battles!