Ape Sling

If you are looking for a new gaming experience with more complicated traps, crazy characters, and plenty of obstacles, this new ABCya 2023 game of Ape Sling will be a perfect option for your playtime. Enjoy the fun atmosphere in this lovely arcade game where the key point to surviving is to do whatever it takes to sling your character through the platform. There will be plenty of obstacles, filled with a variety of traps, styling, and different themes for you to explore.

The goal is to bounce your way to the final stage of the game without being hit. The character that you are going to control is the mighty ape with good resistance, great reflexes, and perfect eye-hand coordination to bypass these obstacles. Control the movement flexibly with great timing on the swing and bounce to reach the destination in one go. The faster you manage to complete the level, the further you will be able to reach with the gained scores.

Some dangerous yet prominent challenges such as saws, fires, bombs, traps, holes, scary enemies, and more will be here to prevent you from making your way to the highest stages! Another feature that allows you to enhance your capability and power is the unlocking of more crazy characters with stronger force and more power to overcome these holes.

Can you swing on time and choose the best moment to land on the next platform with this heavy ape? The bigger the ape, the stronger your character is, however, it comes with hindrance when slinging. Choose your character and upgrade him wisely to survive this jungle trip at https://abcya4.net/! Fall in love with more fabulous games such as Urban Stack or Merge Harvest from our brand new game section for free!

Controlling keys:

Use the mouse or the touchpad to sling.