Merge Harvest

Endless gaming selections have been added to the daily replenished set of games here at ABCya 2022, and Merge Harvest is one of the most popular options these days! Enjoy the winter holiday at home while cultivating your crop and village in this virtual interactive game! Not only is it a chance to enjoy the thrilling sensation of building your villages from scratch but it's also a good merging game with special features.

The ultimate goal is to keep expanding the villages with more and more buildings. To generate one, search the area as shown on the map and collect any scattered resources that are useful. Ranging from the wood chops to the metals, golds, rocks, and so on, do your best to locate them and merge them up. Merging two or more pieces of the same type can create a new type of item that might help with the future tasks you might encounter here.

This game brings one excellent background storyline that you can keep exploring as you progress throughout the adventure! It's all about organizing the resources collecting from your playing field, collecting materials to upgrade and repair existing buildings, as well as cultivating crops and vegetables. Don't forget one crucial task of speeding up the production line and constantly purchasing upgrades for your machine and storage. Bonus slots are given to the best harvester with the most crops that are rare on the market!

Be prepared for more than 250 unique objects to merge in thousands of quests. Depending on the tower or building that you are intending to build, select from the possible materials of wood, stone, and clay for the most suitable material. A new item is made by merging three or more collected items from the field. Win other similar games like Traffic Control Math or Dog Puzzle Story 2 from

Controls: Interact with the farm using the mouse.