Dog Puzzle Story 2

Another version of Dog Puzzle Story 2 with upgraded tasks, more toys to match, and a brand new lovely graphic style is back for you to spend time with your lovely friend, Charlie the puppy! Similar to the original version from ABCya 4 kids game, you will continue the adventurous journey in the jungle and gather as many colorful matching toys as possible. There is a wide range of toys, ranging from bone toys, ropes, treats, and little dolls, to dog pillows and so on.

Your job in this game will be to assist the little dog to match as many sets of three similar-themed puzzle pieces as possible! Get them in the right line by switching up the placement of two close-by pieces and move forward with as many as possible. The more sets you manage to gather, the higher your final recording scores will be.

Keep in mind that there are chances that you can combine more than three items of the same kind if you can calculate the movement and the drop-down of the items correctly. Learn how to earn lots of stars throughout the stages with the best performance! Each stage can bring you a total of three stars for the perfect performance and top gathering of scores. If you can complete every day's Daily Missions, there will be plenty of additional rewards given to you.

Tricky puzzles are the essence of this game and their difficulty level will increase significantly throughout the stages. Are you ready to help Charlie survive this magical adventure with countless hours spent on this addictive game from Plenty of new puzzles and jigsaws such as Box Battle will also be perfect for spicing up your puzzle game collection, so don't miss them out!

How to play: Click on two toys to switch their positions and match.