Short Life 2

You will not see what types of obstacles that are waiting for you ahead once you step foot on the heroic journey in Short Life 2, the second version of this famous ABCya interactive game. The gameplay doesn't change too much from the original game as your job remains to guide the hero while he moves on the path.

Tons of scary and dangerous obstacles like the chopping board, the spikes towering up from the ground, or the rotating knives. Can you manage to guide him in a way that will avoid the situations of dislocating his limbs or cause him any harm? Move slowly at first to get used to the pace and the basic controlling keys of this game from

He moves at your controlled speed, so choose to take a few steps at a time to secure the safety, or go fast to reach as far as possible. There is no time limit, but the moment your character loses some limbs or gets hurt, the game is over. Let's find out how many scores you can earn with your reflexes and carefulness while dealing with dangers! Daily replenished games with a diversity of themes such as Laser Maker and US Police Prisoner Transport will be great options for your next journey!


Left and right arrow keys to go left and right, up arrow key to jump or stand up, down arrow key to crouch or release grips.