Laser Maker

If you are looking for a new gaming experience with ABCya land, Laser Maker might be the perfect game that you are looking for. Without any interruption or too fast-paced gameplay, everything about this game is just perfect and suitable for kids to improve their thinking ability. The game consists of many problems at different stages. Your job will be quite a challenge since it's to come up with a way to reflect the light from the source to the destination using the given mirrors as a means of reflection.

Can you see the little dot on the game screen? That will be the designated destination on each level that you have to aim for. The blocks and the mirrors can be moved from the grey blocks to the other grey blocks. You can't move them to the other blank space without the mark. This refrains the players to come up with the smart moves while being retained on the grid. How fast can you think of the solutions to all of these quests from Once a mirror is set in the direction of the light ray, the light will reflect not only one but possibly two or more directions.

The best players will be able to do both tasks of controlling the coming directions and estimating the possibilities. Feel free to remove and rearrange the given mirrors if the result is not as you expect. Come for plenty of other mind-wrecking games like US Police Prisoner Transport and Shape Adjust later!

Instructions: Click and drag to move the mirrors.