Crab And Fish

Crab And Fish - a new game adds a brand new gaming selection with the theme of a simple and addictive physics puzzle for the boys and girls who enjoy this type of genre here! You will join the new adventure to the sea in which your final goal is to free the fishes trapped inside the cage. Different levels come with unique locations for the fish's cage, and a unique setup of the stack.

You will start moving with the crab which is located on the top of the stack and move your way down toward the fish. Remove the blocks that are on your path and clear the route that leads to your trapped fish. Once your crab reaches the fish's location, it's set free immediately! As this game can be shared among friends, the more friends you have, the more opportunities you gain to win!

Freeing all the fishes scattered among the stages will not be easy as the setting of each level will be unique. Pay attention to the balance of the stack after every movement that you made as one removed block can topple the whole stack over. Make sure to keep it stable and unchanging throughout the stages to win! One falling stack will mean that you need to restart the level again. How long will it take you to clear out the first level?

Try it out without worrying about any cost or in-game interruption here at! Feel free to spice up the game time with some diverse options in terms of themes such as Drink Master or Find The Crypto. The faster you clear the stack, the more scores you will gain once the time limit runs out. If this type of colorful and vibrant setting is your cup of tea, feel free to check out more options later!

Instructions: Click to remove the blocks.