Escape From Dinosaurs

Here on the adventure to search for the way out and escape the dinosaurs at Escape From Dinosaur new game, this is all about testing your reflexes and interaction with different animals and species on screen. The objective is to find your way around the map and gather enough boards that can form a ladder for you to fly away on the chosen pterodactyl. As this game comes with unlimited levels and more than one dinosaur to escape, keep your game strong and constantly be on guard to activate the next run. To distract these hungry dinosaurs, use the chickens that you gather on the game screen. Another item on your basket will be explosive, which can help with slowing down dinosaurs by using the large explosion sounds.

Do the best within your range and pour the most effort to get to the top-ranged of the Leaderboard. While collecting boards and chickens, stay on guard and don't get caught by dinosaurs. You can either hide behind the trees or run around to search or pick up chickens. Feel free to choose suitable tactics for each circumstance. One mechanism of the game that you should bear in mind is that in case a dinosaur approaches you, your main character will automatically drop said chickens in his hand. This action will help to drive the dinosaur away.

You choose when to tap on the bombs to make them explode. Pay attention to the parameter of the bombs and how many dinosaurs are close by when you activate them. The surrounding dinosaurs will be neutralized for a few seconds, which buys you some time to run away and escape. Let's find the required board number and succeed in fleeing away from the dinosaurs in this game at! Some similar games like Wear The Helmet or Super Billy Boy might bring you some more fun moments later!

Instructions: Click the mouse to move the character.