The Wisp

It's the time for this little spirit in The Wisp to find the way to reach the gate of Heaven, however, there's still one last challenge that he must pass. You will assist him on the journey to possess the immaterial body and guide the Wisp to follow the correct path. Only when he reaches the gates of all stages can he finally be free inside Heaven's door. There are hundreds of levels in this ABCya platform game where the kids can enjoy the bouncy moves of the little fire spirit.

Your job is to control the left and right direction and guarantee that the spirit lands on the next safe blocks on the platform. There will be gloating coins that contribute to your star ranking of each level, which means that the more you collect the better. If you manage to avoid falling while gathering a total of three stars per level, you will be at the top of that score range! Don't forget to check out the Leaderboard at where you will find your equal competitor and rivals from all around the world. This is a graphically beautiful game with cool characters and a simple yet effective design for kids.

Enjoy it and train your reflexes to improve the skill sets and conquer one level to another! Again, keep in mind that the spirit can't fall to the ground or miss the platform, or else the mission is not clear. Advancing to the highest Heaven's gate will be quite a challenge, but fear not since the game has a detailed tutorial and bright interface. Show your progress and advanced techniques in other games from the same arcade genre such as Snow Excavator and Super Sushi Cat A Pult

Instructions for players: Click the left button or tap on the mobile screen to make the spirit jump up, use arrow keys to move left and right.