Super Sushi Cat A Pult

Super Sushi Cat A Pult is an unusual and addictive game for kids of all ages and it's available within a click of yours in ABCya game 4 kids. If you are in need of a relaxing and freely controlled game that will bring out the stress in you, this game will be a perfect option. The rules and mechanisms of this interactive game are pretty simple. Your job is to launch the fat cat forward using a specified momentum. Once the cat moves as far as it can, it will start slowing down. When that happens, your job is to choose the right timing to make the cat bounce up or fall to avoid dangerous objects.

Keep an eye out for the delicious floating sushi pieces since they will be crucial for boosting your energy and give you a better momentum for the upcoming obstacles. Can you see the running arrow on the bar that shows the energy level at the starting point? Stop the arrow and choose the force for the cat to dive forward. The bigger your force is, the further the cat moves. Charge up the bounce meters using the sushi pieces and feed the cat! Setting bounce force is one crucial element to getting the right result in this game, so pay attention to it and improve your timing as well as estimation skills for the best results.

The game calculates the number of sushi pieces that you ate, the length that you went, and of course, the number of scores that you gained from avoiding the obstacles. Stay alive for as long as possible to increase your scores and set the highest records on the Leaderboard worldwide! From, we keep on filling your favorite list with the best choices such as Bead Sort and Super Wash 2

Instructions: Click to bounce the cat.