Color Match 3D

If puzzle games are your cups of tea, enjoy the vibrant color palette in this ABCya online game: Color Match 3D with amazing 3D animation and colorful settings! Kids of all ages can freely dive into this gaming world with just their color sense and nothing else is needed. Your mission in this game is to paint a new picture with the designated model. The model can be an item, a fruit piece, a person, or anything that the game brings.

Paint in this virtual gaming selection and learn how you can mix the colors properly while using the virtual palette. This 3D model changes depending on the stage that you are on. Keep in mind that you can freely carry out the task of painting anytime and anywhere with the final goal of recreating the model.

Mixed colors can be tricky as you need to decide your gradation and components in order to create a new color that is closest to the given one. The highlight of this game is the auctioning at the end of the painting session. Your painting will be put on the auction table and the price varies depending on the quality of the brush strokes, or the layout of the design.

Let's see if your painting will be the final piece that gets to be displayed in the orchard. This game will bring out the artistic sense in you as there is more than just basic painting. Utilize your imagination as well as your creative spirit to bring your painting to life with more games like Zentangle Coloring Book from! Move your brush wisely to avoid any swipes or dirty paint splash and make sure to control the paint smear according to your wish.

Controlling keys:

Click on the screen and move the left mouse button to paint.