Bead Sort

Picking up one bead at a time to conquer the mission of Bead Sort from the collection of ABCya free game! This kind of task is for the meticulous players who can demonstrate his or her skills of controlling the slippery balls well enough. The gameplay is not too hard since it's designed for all kids to enjoy for free. All those beautiful beads are scattered on the pipe and they will overflow if you don't help to rearrange them. There is only one simple rule for arranging these colored beads.

The players will have to observe to choose a new position for each bead base on its color. Make sure that by the time you finish the game, all of the beads with the same color stay in the same block. This might sound easy and boring, however, the mechanism and the challenges in this game will make it much harder for you. There will be more colors and more beads showing up to pile up the pipeline if you fail to arrange them in time. Once all the beads are placed correctly, you will be able to push your toolbar to 100%, which indicates that you can freely move onto the higher levels. Another cool feature of this game from is the setting that allows players to switch colors to suit the requirements of each stage.

How good is your ability in distinguishing colors and making necessary arrangements? Don't refrain from deciding to move any bead that you feel necessary. If you find a creative or efficient way to rearrange the beads, don't forget to share with other gamers using the comment box on our page! Enjoy the freedom of controlling the pretty beads in this free puzzle game and dive into more choices afterward such as Super Wash 2 and Sling Shot!

Controlling keys: Suck and move the beads using the left mouse.