Sling Shot

Sling Shot brings back your childhood memory with one of the best and most thrilling fun casual gameplay. The abcya game has a variety of game modes so that the kids can choose the most suitable for their needs. For example, if you are looking for a game that is one-on-one and goes against the CPU, this one provides you with the 1 player mode. Choose the other 2, 3 or 4-player mode to create a private server and enjoy the fun of hitting the disks with your friends! All the players on the board will try to reach one goal only, which is to pass all the disks from your area to the opposite sides of the opponents.

There are plenty of strategies for doing so, but timing and good aiming techniques will be the most crucial elements for making the best moves. The animation and graphics are amazing with adorable characters and the unique view that allows you to look at the scene from the top down. Such a great point of view allows the players to have better control of the match and the current situation of the game. Keep check of the number of disks on the board, either on your side or the other's side to maintain the control.

Your strategy should change according to the situation because only the most flexible players can conquer the game without a hitch! The one who clears his or her side of the table first shall claim the title of the ultimate victor. For more games with the ball theme like this one, don't forget about our large stash of daily replenished games such as Beetle Capture and Pixel Craft Candy from

Controlling keys: Player 1 hits with W key, Player 2 uses G key, Player 3 controls with K, Player 4 used P key.