London Rex

London Rex is action games that you can play here on ABC ya games. Yes! Finally the giant T. Rex is back! Even though he razed New York and LA to the ground the wild dinosaur is still wild with anger. Help him to de-stress in London and rampage the royal capital of England and the United Kingdom. Just choose your rex and let's begin the smashing. 

Hm, that was mistake of your life, you will never see it again. London is doomed. In this game, play as T-rex and kill everybody and destroy everything. Leave no one behind and enjoy the powers of one of the mightiest dinosaurs of all time. The more cars you whack, the more innocent people you eat and the more destruction you cause, the higher your score and fun also. Enjoy! 

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Look for Knife Shooting or Laser Cannon 2.


Use WASD to move 

The mouse to attack.