Fishing Duels

Are you looking for a game available for two slots - two players in a 3-matching theme? This new option of Fishing Duels from ABCya land is the perfect option for two to join the same gaming platform on the ocean floor! Keep your eyes focused and search for the required fish. The list of fish types and your required number is recorded on the side panel, which you need to keep track of in order to make sure that it's correct.

Prove yourself to be the best fisherman by conquering the water and collecting the floating fish quickly. A wide range of chubby orange fish, each with a signature style, is swimming or floating on the board amongst the other objects, so aim correctly. If you can meet your score set before your opponent does, you will be able to bring home the final victory. A total of 81 tiles are shown on each board.

Each tile has the image of a fish or other object. You will need to match the line filled with three or more similar fishes in the order of horizontally or vertically to capture them. Switch the placement of the tiles with ease and try to gain some boosting items such as floating markers, hooks, rods, worm baits, and baskets for easier fishing.

In-game powerups will assist your journey with these lovely fishes and make the work of collecting fishes here at become smoother. Feel free to explore our other newly added puzzle games like How Many: Quiz Game to see if you can conquer the harder set of matching games or not! The two most important elements of the game will be the aiming techniques and the timing, so pay attention to them.

Controlling keys:

Click and move the mouse to choose and match the tiles.