Pixel Block 3D

Move these randomly placed blocks here at Pixel Block 3D and show us how good of a game player you are when it comes to item-arranging games like this one. This new relaxing online game is from the list of ABCya 4th, with not only the best gameplay for people of all ages but also more levels than you could imagine. All players can hop into this game for free. The goal of each stage will be simply to take control of the given direction of the block. On each block, there are several directions that you can move.

Learn to use the right strategy and tactics to move them with the mouse to touch all the pixels. Another crucial point of the game will be the gaps popping in between the pattern. Avoid these at all costs because you might slip your block among the gaps, which results in them falling and ending your turn of the game. Let's see how many challenging levels you will be able to handle with this online gaming session for free!

One-click on our brand new list of games on .......... and you might get your hands on other frequently played games of fun arcade and block arranging themes such as Sort Photograph and Workshop Tools Link. There's no right or wrong way of moving the blocks, just your successful way. Feel free to try out a new method, think outside the conventional way of puzzle games, and replay a level as many times as you feel necessary! Gathering a friend or two will be a good idea to spice this game up even more!

How to play:

Use the mouse cursor to select and move the blocks.

Tablets and mobile players can use the touchpad or on-screen tap to play.