Sort Photograph

Our latest added game of Sort Photograph is all about rearranging these available stacks of puzzle pieces on one frame with the final aim to regenerate the original picture correctly! You will be the main player of this game and learn how to maneuver these random puzzle placements. On each level of this game, a specific image of daily items like fruits, objects, animals, etc. will be your goal. The pieces that form such images are scrambled and left scattered on the board. Start the game by completing the pictures on all levels one by one with the act of replacing the pieces with the right ones.

There's a rule for this puzzle game that you need to pay attention to and memorize. You can only switch the placement of two puzzle pieces that are placed side by side, with at least one border aligning with each other. If two pieces are further away and have zero contact with each other, they can be switched. Once you hit the stage, start dragging and switching placement up until you manage to drop all the puzzles to their rightful positioning and succeed in replacing the pieces. The more levels you win in limited time, the more skins you can upgrade and purchase from the in-game store.

Your earned coins shall be your currency for obtaining new items such as the background or frames. Keep having fun with this mind-bending organization game from the list at and check out other similar-themed games like Slide Hoops 3D and Color Page ASM when you have the time later! It requires some patience and good logical thinking skills to solve this problematic puzzle game, so let's showcase a bit of your talent now!

Controlling keys: Use the mouse cursor or the touch point to move the pieces.