Tiny Dungeons

The obstacles in Tiny Dungeons are updated. They have become deadlier, more random, and more unexpected than ever before. Only the best at predicting the traps and improvising can manage to escape this one-of-a-kind arcade game! Learn how to dodge the deadly traps and escape the mazes filled with dangers right now in this new game from ABCya 4 land! It's a pixelated arcade game with many levels. The gameplay quite resembles the classic Mario game, but the traps and obstacles are much scarier.

You have to run, move and jump through these dangerous mazes. The scary part is that you never know when the obstacles will fall, shoot out from some places or show up randomly. The goal of this game is to survive by controlling these adorable characters of Among Us. These characters will be the one who moves across the maze under your control. You can purchase new clothes or items to make them look unique, but you have to gain some scores first. Some famous traps that you will encounter are the hanging blocks with pointed spikes, the rolling ball, the spike holes, and many more. The characters seek to complete each run by reaching the final exit door without being killed.

Learn how to estimate and predict the positions of these obstacles by yourself so that you can find out the best way to overcome them. Will you get out of this gloomy maze and be the first to reach the destination? Demonstrate your talents with more games like Tappy Flappy Trump and Tiny Fishing from the website of https://abcya4.net/ as these games are all for free! Don't die in the process and keep on learning from your old mistakes to win at last!

How to play: Move the characters using the arrow keys.