Tappy Flappy Trump

Tappy Flappy Trump is a unique and special game with the strangest storyline with Trump as the main character, but this game from ABCya 4 online has attracted tons of players nonetheless. As a result, you will find that the game has orange as the main tone, and the color palette of the game also reflects such a hue. Your mission in this platform game is to control the flying route of Trump, as well as to maneuver to make sure that he can cross all the floating rings. There will be coins inside each ring which can be collected as long as you fly through the middle of it.

For survival mode, you will have to complete all the tasks of avoiding the obstacles, flying through the circles, and capture the icons within one turn. A total of 5 levels with different layouts and structures of the rings will bring different challenges and allow the players to brainstorm and come up with the best strategy. Of course, the difficulty level of the game increase and change significantly as you manage to overcome more and more complex levels. Keep updating your gear and enhancing your skills in order to create the best chance for your little character to make it far.

The result of the game is calculated base on the length that you made and the number of colored gates that you managed to open. By capturing the colorful floating icons, there will be gates with the same color match open accordingly. In this game from https://abcya4.net/, the most threatening obstacles for the newbies should be the narrow width of the rings as well as the flying explosives.

Be careful and keep your character in one piece by the end of the journey! Tackle other challenges for fun and inspiration such as Tiny Fishing and Draw Defence

Controlling keys: Click and use the mouse to maneuver the character.