Slide Hoops 3D

Rotating the ring slightly shall be enough to push the hoops off it, however, will you be able to aim correctly so that they land on the designated hole? This new game of Slide Hoops 3D is our latest addition to the most interesting puzzle game collection for kids of all ages to explore. Get ready to ace through the most diverse setting and layout of 3D rings and hooks. These rivets or rings are hanging with colorful hoops.

The players' goal will be to move or rotate the base so that all the rings placed on it can fall off the base and fit perfectly into the hole. Keep in mind that the number of hoops falling on the hole shall be your final result, rather than the ones that fall off. Therefore, aiming for a perfect landing shall be as crucial as finding the right direction for rotating. This game will focus on sharpening your maneuvering ability, controlling keys, and reflexes when it comes to 3D settings.

Controlling the object carefully so as not to drop all the hoops randomly on the ground! If you can master the art of controlling the item, this game shall be a piece of cake for you! At first, managing the movement of such a sensitive item will be a bit tough. We would like to introduce other equally fun games like Math Rockets Addition and Word Search Summerto your attention and invite you for a free gaming experience here at ! There's no doubt that this 3D simulation platform shall bring lots of fun and interactive game time to your day off and you can spread this fun spirit to other friends!

How to play Slide Hoops 3D:

Click and hold the left mouse or the touchpad to move and rotate the hook.