Color Page ASMR

Spend a little time with this summer-themed coloring game of Color Page ASMR where you get to emerge in a soothing very casual painting game, suitable for all ages and genders. Enjoy this lovely game of ABCya puzzle and keep your gaming skills strong. Keep enhancing the ability to utilize the limited color palette to form the most eye-catching frames while listening to the soothing sound of ASMR. It's an easy-to-control game of maneuvering the pen and paintbrush to color and frame the images on the paper.

From lining the outer edge of the assigned objects to filling the interior with the right color, you need to do it all with carefulness and full attention. As it's quite simple, all newbies and advanced players can participate and understand how to maneuver the painting tool at once. Just pick up a brush and dip the other brush into the right paint color, then follow the dotted guideline to fill in. Make sure that there's no blank space left unattended on each picture.

Choosing the corresponding colors for each part of the image will be the key element in portraying a realistic and amazing new painting for sure! Be patient when tracing the lines of the frames, as well as when picking the color for each segment of paint. Once you have mastered all the available frames in this game, why don't you take another tour with other fun games like Slide Hoops 3D and Word Search Summe from the new collection with one click on There's no limitation on how many times you can replay a painting level to have fun with the ASMR experience, so keep it up!

How to play Color Page ASMR:

Use the touchpad or mouse cursor to control the paint utensils.

Hold and drag to move the paintbrush and choose the suitable colors.