Workshop Tools Link

Are you good with matching the blocks in a scrambled-up board filled with these tiles in Workshop Tools Link from ABCya puzzle. ? Not only is it a spin-off of the classic block connect game but the players also get to emerge in the new storyline of an assembling workshop. As the main mechanic and the owner of this workshop, you will be in charge of solving these boards. Find two blocks of identical tools imprinted on them and match them to formulate a correct pair. Each tile in the board has its own pair waiting and hidden somewhere, so find the right match and clear the board with the shortest time record!

The key point to winning this game shall be looking for the similar-imaged tiles nearby because you can only utilize the connecting line that consists of two turns or fewer. The three-turned lines and over shall not be qualified for connecting. While making a connection, make sure to check the time on the side panel so that you can keep up with the clock. When the time runs out, if you still haven't finished the board matching, you will fail and need to replay the current level.

There's no limitation on how many times you can replay, so feel free to take another chance whenever you want to upgrade the results or increase the recorded scores. As soon as you have enough coins, make sure to check out the Leaderboard to see which rank you are holding! This game is fun and has been a great cartoon game 4 kids, which can be accessed with one click at Extend your amazing playtime with the other similar games from the puzzle collection but with slightly different gameplay like Color Page ASMR and Sort Photograph !

How to play: Control and match the pair of tiles using a mouse cursor or touchpoint.