Zombie Outbreak Arena

The Zombie is your goal to fight in the game Zombie Outbreak Arena at https://abcya4.net/. Are you worried when you have to pay the money to play the game? No, the game is always free for you on your computer and mobile browsers. At the beginning of the game, you will appear in an empty and large place to play. Your goal is to use your gun to hold the Zombie. Your space is very dark and murky.

So the Zombie appears suddenly that you can not control. Please move 4 directions around to observe. Whenever they appear they react very quickly and shoot very accurately. Many other zombies attack you. So agility is essential in this game. As long as you are slow, you will be killed by zombies at any time. How long can you survive? It all depends on your skills. Shoot professionally to take down hundreds of zombies in this game. Shoot the incoming zombies for as long as possible.

Her Zombie will grow in number and strength. When you kill the zombies you will have the opportunity to upgrade and upgrade your weapons. Collect new weapons to fight stronger in this fight. You should be careful with the Zombie comes because it can take revenge on you at any time. Do not miss this opportunity to share this game Zombie Outbreak Arena at ABCya4 with your friends. It's great if you experience yourself and some other similar Zombie game genres Dracula, Frankenstein & Co and Stickman Archer 2

How to play: Use the mouse to be able to shoot guns.