Snow Excavator

One of the most annoying obstacles in the harsh winter is the huge piles of snow all over the place. These chunks of snow will turn the traffic into a mess if there's no one showing up and clean them quickly. We need you to carry out the tasks in Snow Excavator and make sure that the roads are all cleaned. To free the block after the snowy night, you will need to drive the truck and scoop up the snow pieces by pieces. Make sure to move through all the routes and not leave out anything.

The worst-case scenario is that the city traffic is frozen, therefore, do your best to prevent that from happening. Start mobilizing immediately to remove the snow as all the cars are honking and waiting for you! From the huge road path to the small one and even on the front porch of the houses, you will be in charge of clearing the snow in all those places. All the cars lining up will be following you and your truck until when the paths are all cleared. The hard part of this journey is that you have to pay attention to the falling blocks as those things will crush on you and make your car unable to move.

There's no time limit but the players will have to reach the requirement in terms of the number of saved people. Also, the truck is too big to go backward, therefore, if you miss a person that needs help, you can't go back to rescue him or her later.

Don't make mistakes as the citizens are depending on you to figure out the best way to finish this important snow mission at! Keep on rescuing more cities from the troubles in more arcade games like Solitaire Tripeaks and Hook And Rings

How to play: Use the mouse cursor to move the truck and scoop the snow.