Hook And Rings

The successful number of rings that fall right into the hole will be the main factor in deciding how many scores you gain in this ABCya free game. It's one of the most popular recently since many kids know the of it: Hook And Rings! It's a simple yet addictive kind of game that will keep you motivated to pass through all possible levels. The longer you play, the more skills you will gain alongside the controlled hand movement.

In order to collect three stars, which indicates the top scores in each level, you have to be careful and rotate the hook in the appropriate direction. The goal is to drop the colorful rings into the hole. Don't let any ring fall out of it or else your stars will decrease. Taking the rings out of the hook is already very tough, yet you need to prepare to drop them skilfully right into the hole without slipping or anything. Such gameplay requires your attention and focus to the best extent! Keep progressing and you will encounter tons of new challenges that you can't imagine.

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How to play: Use the mouse cursor and drag to rotate the hook and drop the rings.