Blue Vs Red!

Passing the obstacles has been a hard task already, but the work of defeating your opponent - the Red team, will be another dangerous quest. Control your pixelated characters in the fast movement of this game: Blue Vs Red! and reach the furthest checkpoint on your track. A total of 15 levels, each with an exciting setting and special layout is here for the players to explore. Let us give you a tip that will be helpful for the newbies here at ABCya 2023.

The dangerous obstacles and enemies vary depending on the difficulty of the levels, however, they will increase for sure. The higher the level, the more careful you need to be. Not all players who are newbies can succeed in passing all these obstacles without falling, so learn the basics carefully before hitting on any journey. You need to gather the scattered coins on the blocks or hidden coins that show when you break the blocks.

Upgrading your hero is crucial to surviving the game, and the coins are necessary to do so. You can overcome most of the obstacles with your jumping as you can dodge them and there's no need to attack the enemies. Use the best strategy and tactics that suit your style to not only keep your character safe but also bring huge rewards to your final scores.

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Controlling keys:

Use the WASD keys to move, and hold the spacebar to shoot.