Stickman Planks Fall

Stickman must not fall in this exciting race! There are many opponents, but only one winner. Participate in a fun race. Stickman in red, blue, pink, and other colors vs. you Ready? Do you enjoy long-lasting racing games in which you compete against other players? Stickman, fall down. It's fantastic that you're familiar with our game. This will give you the sensation of being in a real race. You will be drawn to a fun and challenging game here.

The game is very interesting, it will forge your ability to concentrate, move quickly and be very attractive. Will you do well on that task? We will play together and feel a lot of fun. If you love this game, you can play some other games similar to Battalion Commander 1917 at abcya 4 grade. Have fun!



Use your mouse or WASD to move around.